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About Curt Davis

My name is Curt Davis and I am a full time Memphis real estate investor. Long before I moved to Memphis to pursue a career in real estate investing I was a Chef for 11yrs back in my home state of South Dakota. I made the move to Memphis in 2007 and it has proved to be the best move I have made for my family and career.

I have sold well over 500 Memphis investment properties to investors all over the country as well as many foreign markets. I am still an active investor building my own portfolio of Memphis rental properties. Currently we own 20 single family rental properties. I am also a licensed Realtor with KAIZEN Realty and I have achieved Multi-Million Dollar Club status 4 years in a row. For the last 4yrs I have been actively involved with our local Memphis real estate investment club serving as a Board Member.

Memphis real estate investing has provided me and my family a life we would never have dreamed possible. I have always had a passion for teaching and because of that my coaching program was created. I recognized a need for new real estate investors who require a more hands on approach. This is what makes my program so different from others. I only work one-on-one or in very small groups to ensure that my students get the full attention and training needed.

Below you can learn more about the features of my coaching program.

What’s Included

My coaching program will provide a simple, powerful, and affordable solution to help get your Memphis real estate investing business the jumpstart and direction it needs.

Selecting The Right Package

We have multiple coaching packages available to choose from. We also offer affordable hourly consultations in the event you are not yet ready to select one of the packages. If you are unsure as to which package to select simply email me at and we will be happy to help you select the right one.

What Will I Learn?

Depending on the package you select there will be a combination of classroom training as well as actually going out in the field to look at property, estimate renovations, how to make offers and much more. Classroom style learning will only take you so far and that is why going into the field is critical to the learning process.

Course Pricing Options

Several different coaching package options available.

Sign up for coaching packages #3 or #4 with another person to get a reduced group rate. Contact me for group rates.

Package #1


Hourly Consultation


Package #1

This package is designed to be a per hour program. We can meet in person (preferred) or over the phone if you are not able to meet or are too far away. This is primarily for the new investor who may have many questions and needing guidance or for the investor who needs specific help for specific areas of need.

Package #2


Two Hour Consultation


Package #2

This package is exactly the same as package #1 but for the price you are getting an extra hour for half the hourly price. This is our most popular hourly package as it gives you the investor more time for more guidance.

Package #3


Beginner Package


Package #3

This package has been designed for the new investor who is looking to get started and take the initial steps to really get started. We will focus on setting goals both personal and professional. We will identify what your true passion is and give you the direction needed to get started and take action. This package will be primarily classroom setting. Some materials may be provided depending on your focus area. With this package you will receive 2, 30 minute follow up calls usually the 2 following weeks after you have completed the course. This will be the time to ask any questions and also a time where I check to see if you are using the principals to take action.

Package #4


Intermediate Beginner


Package #4

This package has been designed for the new investor who is ready to take action and truly get their business up and running. There will be a combination of classroom style training as well as going into the field. In the field we will evaluate foreclosed/distressed property and also go over the basic process of identifying what type of renovations are needed as well as basic renovation cost guidelines. Here is a list of the thing we will cover in this class:

  • How to identify if a property is a deal or not
  • Basic renovation assessments
  • How to buy property for buy and hold with little to no money down
  • How to flip property with little to no money down
  • How to locate off market property by “Driving For Dollars” and using Bandit Signs
  • How to find buyers for your property
  • Steps on how to create your own “Credibility Kit”
  • How to talk to sellers with actual call script
  • How to use purchase and sale contracts as well as assigning them to your end buyers
  • How to build your TEAM and who they will consist of
  • Additional purchase methods for little to no money down

You will also get 4, 30 minute follow up calls usually the 4 following weeks after you have completed the course. This will be the time to ask any questions and also a time where I check to see if you are using the principals to take action. There will also be some hand out materials included with this package. This course takes about 4 hours to complete.

*As a bonus to this package you will receive a USB drive loaded with useful documents that you can use for your business.

Connect with me

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer any guarantees with your coaching program?

We do not offer any guarantees for students who have completed any of our coaching packages. It is up to the individual student to decide what they will do moving forward once they have completed the course.

Does your program come with books, cd’s or dvd’s ?

In order to keep the coaching program prices affordable we are not currently offering any such materials at this time. There will be some course handouts and materials for select packages.

Will I be successful after completing your program?

Completing our program does not guarantee success but with the training and hands-on teaching you will receive you will have the knowledge to start working towards your own success.

What if I still have questions or needing help after your program?

Depending on which package you select, each one offers different on-going support. We understand that our students will have many questions especially when they actually get out there and start to apply the information acquired from their training.

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